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Travel Cities: card making with printables

Hi, welcome to another tutorial about card making. Recently I’ve cut a couple of drawings from the notebook (this one over here) we recently made in our stationery line. There’s lots of watercolors in that notebook. They feature small stories and anecdotes from the everyday life, but also fit quite well the card size and can be used to illustrate a simple message. If you flip through our notebook you will certainly find one or another illustration that would sparkle an idea to make a card.

Let’s start!

I took a traveller for this tutorial, that one in a hurry with a suitcase and ready for take-off – with a nice adventure feel and full of expectations.
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I used a random white card in this tutorial, some scraps of papers, all pretty random leftovers from packaging paraphernalia you might collect while travelling. The illustration was cut out from the notebook and the printables are here:  “LONDON Travel cities” (DIN A4, pdf). Scissors, glue and maybe some pencils, that’s all it takes!
About printables: basically there are four ways to make your best out of it for a card:

  • cut out
  • color
  • take as templates for collage
  • use as mini-guide to create your own drawings (because let’s be real, even if you bring a small selection of craft supplies with you, a pocket printer will definitely not be one of them, unless you print it before you leave).

And one more idea (not for cards) would be to complete your album to keep all the memories and inspirations about a particular travel once you’re back home. And your printer’s back in game too.

The pictures below illustrate the main steps. As you see, they are simple and there’s only a handful of them. I think that’s the key to make a good card: keep it simple and work quickly.


A handmade card doesn’t need to be too complicated. That’s  your own emotion you send with it which counts. The city sights can be varied: the printables for London suggest three, but the sky is the limit. And particularly in this example the city sights are fairly straightforward in basic shapes and demand minimal efforts to reproduce them in a recognizable way.



And just some random thoughts on the subject matter…

Is anybody out there making cards while travelling? Hard to find supplies and time, I’d say, right? Who would normally tuck a pair of scissors, a glue stick and color pencils into the luggage? Probably some of you having kids aged around four to ten. I used to carry quite a few supplies/toys for them around when we travel, and yes, I sometimes have fights with my husband about luggage weights. So far it’s been keeping us sane pretty often when kids can entertain themselves early in the morning, at noon or in the evening (which usually means around three different groups of activities) with books, and legos and cars and cutting, drawing or watercoloring so that the parents could peacefully sit and talk and read. And sometimes craft a little bit too.

I used to just shortly grab some magazines in the airport to get inspired (like Flow e.g.) and afterwards use them to tear pages and quickly collage something in the evenings when the kids were asleep and I felt a bit restless to just sit and read. Sometimes I’d take a couple of pages from the travel guide and make some simple drawings based on them, because you don’t normally have tons of time with kids to make the sketches „en plein air“. Hence the drawings have to be simple and quick, and collage or some watercolor is a fun way to complete them a bit, but not over-detail them either. Sometimes I’d just cut out from the free tourist information papers that are normally quite easy to find while travelling.
What are your ways to get inspiration and craft on travel? How do you find time and what are helpful tricks? Go share, I would love to hear from you!

More of our stationery line full of inspirating ideas, mindful projects and printed on eco-friendly paper here!

And here’s the first tutorial about card making!





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