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Make cards with NOTEBOOK’s DIY-part

Welcome to our first tutorial. I’m using here the paper snippets from the DIY-part of our notebook (click here to check it with full features) – color papers, pattern papers, card templates. What do we need extra ? Suggestions on the pic below: a small cutter (check the knife sharpness), a couple of punches (flowers), alphabet stamps, good paper scissors, color pencils or watercolor – whatever you’re comfortable with. A thread and a gluestick are helpful too.


Here’s the paper range available in the notebook:

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Let’s just lay¬†them out all nicely and see what we can do with it. Today I’ll explain how to make FOUR simple cards with basic techniques like cutting paper in stripes and simplifying your ideas into feasible designs, using watercolor and free hand drawing and creating a 3D effect.


Take the middle spread out, it’s 350g/m2 thick cardboard with four card templates. Carefully cut them out and get ready for some creative time !


The first one is the 3D – we are going to make a simple bunting: cutting the paper in stripes of 4 cm, folding them at length and cutting them into triangles. Those triangles are then put onto a thread with a dot of glue. That’s the simplest way of decorating a party card.


Let’s make a couple more of them for other cards too.

The next design is about creating a green backdround with punched flowers and a garden crate. I use a piece of pattern paper, some brown stripes for the crate and punch flowers in different shapes and sizes following the scheme below.


And here’s another use of stripes: the third card features a cake made of contrasting stripes laid one upon another. Candles are made of stripes too, and confetti has been punched with an ordinary office punch.

Apropos background: see how it’s been made with watercolor (if you feel like your bunting card would be better on a watercolored background) ? A big splash of water, a drop of color and just let it flow wherever it wants.


One more card left: let’s free hand draw a couple of ballons. Color them: red and blue, violet in the interlacing, watercolor or color pencils – whichever is your favorite. Now I suppose you have a lot of paper snippets too, let’s make use of smaller rectangles and create your custom lettering. HAPPY is one of the most simple yet joyful words for a card, and the letters are very friendly-to-cut too. Try it out- simplify and don’t care about cutting out the details.


Let’s sum up: FOUR cards, with whatever you want to use them for: it’s up to you to choose the words or phrases. Think about testing the word length on a scrap of paper before you stamp on the card itself.

I hope you enjoyed the today’s tutorial !

Let me know in comments section below !


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