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Shop Updates: Carry-all Tote


it’s raining today in South-Western Finland, and I’m not crafting, but busy doing the digital work: retouching, updating, writing, checking, double-checking. Two more dresses to go yet until kids are back home in a couple of hours.

Here’s to the newcomer in the shop – our Carry-all Tote.


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It’s handprinted, we think it looks pretty timeless and elegant like that. It’s a sturdy tote, made of sustainable linen fabric, reinforced at top, with recycled linen-cotton blend,  leather straps and an inside pocket. There’s a zipper pouch in our collection to perfectly match it, since the backside of the pouch is exactly the same fabric as the tote bottom. It will happily accompany you everywhere, be it a sunday brunch, a shopping tour, a visit to a library or just a walk. And it looks great as a gift as well. Go get them until they’re available in shop ! They won’t last long…


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